Benefits To You

Our unique Integrated Workforce Management solution is designed to ensure that all your workforce management tasks such as payroll, pensions, rostering and HR tasks are maintained within the fully integrated innovative solution, removing the need to collate and input lots of separate spreadsheets, forms and emails into lots of separate systems. This will save the overstretched manager a considerable amount of time and reduce unnecessary duplication of effort.

The Employee Self Service module enables your staff to securely take personal control of much of their ongoing HR information needs and requests such as asking for annual leave, making changes to their personal data and claiming overtime whilst ensuring managers retain oversight via a specially designed Manager’s Dashboard.

Our integrated system diary automatically alerts managers when vital regulatory and compliance tasks need to be carried for each member of staff such as renewing DBS forms and attending mandatory training courses.  

The staff availability module enables team members to upload additional times when they would like to do extra shifts thereby reducing the need to bring in expensive temporary staff.​  Activities such as staff working additional shifts is automatically fed into the Payroll and Pension module to ensure staff are paid on-time and the correct amount without the need for notes, emails and forms.

Not only do we provide the option to manage your workforce paper free,  our system provides full audit trails and ability to ensure compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements.